Excerpt of Network References - We are Bound by Uncompromised Quality

2014 Omega I&T

Project Development Parking Garage Feldberg (construction plan alteration and building permit) was sold to an institutional end investor in December 2014.

2012 - 2013 German Institutional Client

Schlossinsel - Hamburg. Placement of the Project and Technical Fit-Out

2011 Omega I & T

Acquisition of Parkhäuser Villingen Schwenningen GmbH from Stadtwerke Villingen Schwenningen GmbH

2011 Omega SmartBuild East Africa / KLP

Kakungulu European Village, Phase 1

2011 OmegaGroup

Market Entry Services in Dubai. Assisted C. & E. Fein and Olympus Europa Holding with Corporate Establishment.

2010 - 2011 OmegaGroup Middle East

GiZ EcoCity Mongolia, Phase 1 + Phase 2

2010 (Ruhl)

New construction plant, automotive, (design and supervision) in Yantai, PR China

2009 (Ruhl)

Energetic optimazation, automotive, in Jakarta, Indonesia

2009 Soerumsand Industriebygg AS (Frithjof Wiese)

Development of 200 Apartments in Soerumsand Park

2009 (Ruhl)

Energetic optimazation of heating and cooling, fine optics, in Bad Kreuznach

2008 - 2012 Government Clients (Ruhl, Agroscience, Omega)

Boughzoul City, Algeria / New Zero Emission City Development / Sustainable City Concept Development and Team Sourcing

2008 (Ruhl)

Training- and Conference Center Building Optimization in Seeheim-Jugenheim

2008 (Ruhl)

Energetic optimazation production, "household appliances", in Wuxi (PR China)

2005-2010 Private Investor (Frithjof Wiese)

Storsand Holiday Homes Ecological project development for 50 holiday homes Oslo Fjord, Norway

2005 Ruhl (Omega Joint Venture)

Building Technology for the revitalization of 186 houses

2003 Omega I&T

Burgplatz / Burgplatzpassagen, Rathausplatz, Leipzig - the developed project was sold to an English investment group

1997 - 1999 Omega I&T

Underground parking Burgplatzpassagen, Leipzig - held by the Group till 2011 then sold to a banking fund

1997 GG Grundfonds

Block Revitalization Brenzlauer Berg, Berlin

1997 Omega I&T

Grosse Fleischergasse, Leipzig - An air-conditioned luxury building which was sold to a real estate investor

1997 Omega I&T

Project Development Reuterweg, Frankfurt (nearby the opera houses)

1996 Omega I&T

Theater Strasse, Berlin-Friedrichshain - purchase and sale to a private investor

1994 - 1997 Omega I&T

Dormant partner of an buidling in Kaulsdorferstrasse, Berlin-Köpenick

1994 - 1996 Omega I&T

Coppistrasse 53 A, Leipzig - purchase and sale to a private investor - partly still held by the Group

1994 - 1995 Omega I&T

Friedrichstrasse 115, Berlin - purchase and sale to a privat investor.

1994 - 1995 Omega I&T

Project Development City Residential and Commercial Center Thekla II sold to privat investors.

1994 - 1995 Omega I&T

Project Development City Residential and Commercial Center Thekla I sold to privat investors.

1994 Omega I&T

Project Development Bernhard-Lichtenberg-Strasse 9 and 10, Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg.

1993 -1994 Omega I&T

Tschaikowskistrasse 2, Leipzig purchase, structural restoration and sale to a privat investor.

1993 Omega I&T

Lortzingstrasse 15, Leipzig sold to a single investor.